A message to Betsy DeVos

& The Federal School Safety Commission


We the youth will organize and fight until we are heard.

When we realized that your table wasn't large enough to hold us.

We fashioned one of our own.

We are Black and Brown youth with a message for Donald Trump, Betsy DeVos and the School Safety Commission.

After the tragic Parkland school shooting that occurred in February 2018, Donald Trump established a Federal Commission to study school safety and make policy recommendations on how to prevent violence in schools .Trump appointed Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Trump and members of the commission have already indicated they support hardening schools with more guns, cops, and metal detectors. We know these policies will make our schools even more like prisons than they already are. The commission has also largely left students out of the conversation, especially Black and Brown youth.

We are Black and Brown youth from across the United States of America. School safety is about our lives, about our daily experiences.

We have a clear vision for our schools and we demand that our voices are heard. We’re telling the Commission what we need to make our schools safe, supportive and inclusive.


The Commission plans to release its recommendations by the end of the year. We need you to join us now.


#1 Sign The Petition

The Commission plans to release its recommendations by the end of the year. We need you to join us now. Sign our petition to support young people’s vision and tell the school safety commission to listen.

#2 Share Young People’s Demands

Young people have created this video to share their vision with the Commission and people across the country. Help them spread the word. Use #YouthDemand.

#3 Join Our Partners in DC

On December 4th, the Alliance for Educational Justice will gather in DC to demand the schools they deserve: schools with more counselors, not cops. On December 5th, Communities for Just Schools Fund will release a report responding to the Federal Commission’s flawed process and advancing youth- and parent-drafted recommendations for fostering deep relationships, trust, and true school safety for all young people. Sign up here if you are interested in joining us!

#4 Join the Conversation

If you are a young person, teacher, parent, or community member you can also join the conversation by sharing a video or picture of yourself on social media using the hashtag #YouthDemand. Share why you believe in what #YouthDemand.




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